Werner Construction is helping to pave America's future.

If you've driven Interstate 80 from Chappell to Sidney, Nebraska, the trip probably took place on pavement installed by Werner Construction.

There's also a good chance you've parked on a Werner Construction-installed lot, or cruised down a country road on gravel from one of our plants. We've built countless Midwest roads, streets, and parking lots since we were founded.

Located in Hastings, Nebraska, we also offer auto, truck and equipment sales and repair, and manage thriving sand and gravel operations. The diversity of our business helps to drive local economies by providing solid jobs for hardworking Nebraskans. And we go to great lengths to protect our employees and the people we serve through strict adherence to safety standards.

Our services impact the lives of people throughout the country in many positive ways. Quality asphalt, concrete, aggregate, and gravel roads drive business and commerce, promote healthcare and education, boost agriculture, stock retail shelves, build towns and cities, keep people connected, and much more. That's why we never compromise on our mission of quality or adherence to safety.

At Werner Construction, we truly believe we're helping to pave America's future.



Werner Construction has been making a difference¬†since 1936. Werner Construction is proud to be a third-generation, family-owned business in Nebraska.…

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